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One of my favourite parts of Winter Soldier was seeing Steve and Natasha disguised as hipster dorks. (welcome to 21st century fashion, Cap!)

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❝That’s my drink, Milo. I love Milo. I don’t even know what that shit is. It’s like dirt with sugar. What the fuck is this shit? It’s like chocolate sand in a can. I used to eat it all. Dad used to get the shits ‘cos I used to eat it all. He’d go “Hey garbage guts. Two spoonfuls of Milo in the milk”. I’m thinking “Milk? What are you doing? That’s gonna fuck the Milo up”.
☩ Carl Barron, with the most accurate description of Milo I have ever heard. (via t-bumblr)
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did somebody say AU where peggy carter is the winter soldier

… no? too bad.

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The Cold Exitmusic
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makin my way downtown walkin fast, faces pass and im homebound *do dododo dododo doo doodoodoo*

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